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Ethereal strings, piano and French horn meet cinematic IDM: Nyxyss sends sonic postcards from afar with debut EP Memories of Dystopia.

Memories Of Dystopia, the initial offering from NY/SF-based Nyxyss (nix-iss), is set as a series of aural vignettes. Nyxyss is the creative collaboration between violinist/composer Hannah Thiem (Copal | Halytha Music) and producer/DJ Haj Ji (Sub Swara | Hobo Kings). The duo’s noir soundtrack paints sonic postcards that are lush, haunting, and full of dramatic tension. Using layered synthesis and sound design elements mixed with romantic instruments recorded live (violin, viola, cello, piano, French horn), the songs on their debut release set a mood and catch an inner sense of a place. What Nyxyss creates together is a distinctly memorable sound filled with pathos and nostalgia for a world lost, remembered and re-imagined.

Sometimes dark, always beautiful, with Memories Of Dystopia, Nyxyss gives us something to think about. An inspired opening statement and fresh voice from this Cinematic IDM crew, whetting the appetite for more to come. Sounds like Arvo Pärt meets The xx.

Sunday Morning, Up All Night single released on December 12, 2012.
Memories of Dystopia released on 01/23/13.

Click here to view the Nyxyss Press Release. (Downloadable press materials available from the press release page as well).