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Nyxyss: evocative eastern violin meets ethereal sub-textures.

Nyxyss is the creative collaboration between violinist/composer Hannah Thiem (Copal/Halytha Music) and producer/DJ Haj Ji (Sub Swara/Hobo Kings). The sound is lush and compelling, exploring the melodic aspects of dubstep and cinematic IDM. Deep and evocative. Sounds like Arvo Pärt meets The xx.

(photo by Sequoia Emmanuelle)

Links to other music we’ve released or are featured on:

900 Miles (Rising Smoke of the Hobo Kings – Haj feat. Hannah Thiem)
100 Eyes (Beats Antique feat. Hannah Thiem)
What Can I Do (Grammy-nominated–Irma Thomas, Burt Bacharach, feat. Hannah Thiem)
Hajnal (Zebbler Encanti Experience – bootleg remix of Venetian Snares, feat. Hannah Thiem)
Prophetic Interlude (Zebbler Encanti Experience feat. Hannah Thiem)

Into the Shadow Garden (Hannah – Copal)
Eso-Terra (Hannah – Copal)
Coup d’Yah (Haj – Sub Swara)
Smotin’ at the Water (Haj – Rising Smoke of the Hobo Kings)
Vol. 1 – The Balance (Haj – Freek Factory)